As an entrepreneur, simplicity is key, from starting a business to actually running it. In most areas of your business, simplicity will win, especially in customer acquisition. You have to make the process simple for your potential customers, as well as recurring customers, otherwise, you may lose them. Let’s face it, no one wants to go through a long complicated process in order to get your service. You wouldn’t do it, so why make your customers go through that?

The Innclusive Grow team outlines why simplicity rules and how it has proved beneficial in their businesses. They discuss the ways in which new entrepreneurs complicate things, and the mistakes that entrepreneurs in general tend to make. They provide examples, as well as useful tips to keep things simple and your business successful. Tune in to hear how you can provide a smooth and simple process for your customers, to keep them coming back for more!

Topics Covered

[00:50] Why is simplicity the winner in most scenarios?

  • Grows your business a lot faster

[02:31] Why do we need to be reminded that things should be simple?

  • Allows you to take action quickly
  • Things are done in a faster time

[05:34] Are newer entrepreneurs likely to make things complex?

  • Yes
  • Want things to be perfect, wanting to be exact
  • Feel uncomfortable dealing with uncertainty
  • Fearful of losing the first few customers

[09:00] Ways in which entrepreneurs complicate things

  • Pricing
  • Providing too many options

[10:53] Other ways in which newer entrepreneurs complicate things

  • Long sign up process
  • Complicated questions on forms

[15:07] How to deal with getting a general idea of who your customer is if you don’t get the information upfront

  • Making your checkout process simple
  • Creating simple forms that even a child can fill out

[17:32] Ways you can get help or accountability to prevent you from over complicating things

  • Bank accounts
  • Assume your customers are lazy
  • Simplify the way in which you obtain feedback (short and simple)

[19:53] How to understand the pain of target customers

  • Find a simple way to get them into your funnel
  • After getting into the funnel, ask additional questions
  • Make things simple for customers
  • Reduce the process of booking your service for recurring customers

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