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Episode 000: Welcome to The OverThink Podcast

Thanks for joining us on this journey into entrepreneurship and human discovery. Your hosts Rohan, Kevin, and Dara will reveal everything we’ve learned and help you open the doors to achieving your startup goals…

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IGP 008: Breaking the Rules

4 Rules of Business That Were Made to be Broken ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.’ Mike Tyson may not be at the top of your list of philosophers, but the implication is profound nonetheless. And it applies directly to the first rule of business that Kevin and Rohan think...

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IGP 007: Simplicity Wins

As an entrepreneur, simplicity is key, from starting a business to actually running it. In most areas of your business, simplicity will win, especially in customer acquisition. You have to make the process simple for your potential customers, as well as recurring customers, otherwise, you may lose them. Let’s face it, no one wants to...

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IGP 006: Imposter Syndrome

Many of us struggle with self-doubt, underestimating and undervaluing ourselves, and feeling that we’re incapable of doing certain things. This can be referred to as imposter syndrome, where you feel like a “fraud”. Some of us struggle with it silently and believe that it’s just unique to us. We fear going outside of our comfort...

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IGP 005: The More Competition the Better

We live in a society where we are cultured to be afraid of competition. We are told to enter industries or markets with less competition, as if it’s saturated, the likelihood of succeeding is very slim. Is this really true though? Are you bound to fail if you enter a market that’s already saturated? No!...

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IGP 004: Why Passion is Not a Good Indicator of What Business to Pursue

Many of us have heard the saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. We’re told to pursue our passion and we’ll have fun with it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Being passionate about something does not necessarily mean it will be a viable business. However, if it...

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IGP 003: Exploring Your Why

In this episode of the Innclusive Grow Podcast, Kevin, Rohan and Kerry-Ann discuss the “Why”. The importance of knowing your “why” when thinking about entrepreneurship or starting a business. Connect with us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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IGP 002: How to Find Your Team and Build a Tribe

In this episode, Kevin and Rohan discuss how to go about building your tribe and finding co-founders. They share the story of how they started working together and how being transparent with their experience building businesses was one of the main ways they’ve built their tribe. Connect with us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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IGP 001: The Fear of Starting a Business

In this episode, Rohan and Kevin discuss some of fears people have around entrepreneurship and starting a business. They discuss some of the misconceptions about entrepreneurship that might feed some of these fears and the importance of taking action in spite of the fear. Connect with us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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IGP 000: About the Innclusive Grow Podcast

The Innclusive Grow podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Rohan Gilkes, Kevin Pereira and Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown. The podcast shares a practical advice about starting and running a business. In addition, you’ll get to go behind the scenes of Innclusive and members of the team. Connect with us: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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