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IGP 003: Exploring Your Why

In this episode of the Innclusive Grow Podcast, Kevin, Rohan and Kerry-Ann discuss the “Why”. The importance of knowing your “why” when thinking about entrepreneurship or starting a business....

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IGP 002: How to Find Your Team and Build a Tribe

In this episode, Kevin and Rohan discuss how to go about building your tribe and finding co-founders. They share the story of how they started working together and how...

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IGP 001: The Fear of Starting a Business

In this episode, Rohan and Kevin discuss some of fears people have around entrepreneurship and starting a business. They discuss some of the misconceptions about entrepreneurship that might feed some...

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IGP 000: About the Innclusive Grow Podcast

The Innclusive Grow podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Rohan Gilkes, Kevin Pereira and Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown. The podcast shares a practical advice about starting and running a business....

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Behind The Mic

Dara King

Show Host

Dara enjoys content creation, video editing, copywriting, and all elements that go into communicating effectively online.  Over 10 years of internet marketing expertise.

Rohan Gilkes

Show Host

Rohan spends a lot of time thinking about branding and customer acquisition.  His projects range from Saas to local services, to subscription boxes, and coaching.

Kevin Pereira

Show Host

Kevin brings over 10 years of experience in internet marketing, product development, community growth and management, email marketing, and coaching.

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